Raid Her Closet: NC’s Take On Kylie's Waist Cincher

On any given day, you can find someone from the Jenner-Kardashian clan rocking a
sick waist cincher. They have been super trendy for the past few seasons and for good reason. They’re of course form-flattering and contrary to popular belief, many waist cinchers are comfortable to wear!

 Raid Her Closer: Kylie Jenner

With this simple add on, you can make any outfit (even a T-shirt) instantly sexy! 
Check out how Kylie rocks it!

Raid Her Closet: Kylie Jenner

For all you NC babes, we've stocked our own!

The Own It Lace Up Waist Belt has the same effect on an outfit. Simply, it is a total
statement-maker. Plus, this waist cincher comes in three different sizes to fit any body type.

Own It Lace Up Belt | $13.99


To rock this Kylie-approved style, pair your belt with a plain white T-shirt dress and
over-the-knee boots. Keep in mind, that since the belt will make a big statement alone, keep the rest of your ensemble minimal.

White Out T-shirt Dress | $24.99

Add some final touches by pairing the peep-toe nude boots with your outfit. They’re
minimal but the open toe detail will add some dimension.

Stunna Thigh High Boots

Or, if you'd rather keep close to Kylie's original look, go for these sexy pointed toe stiletto thigh-highs!

Your chic, new outfit all together will cost you less than $100! So, there you have it -
you can dress like a Jenner without the Jenner price tag!

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