Pop of Color!

Embrace a pop of color this summer!
Yes, we know black and white are classics and can NEVER go out of style, but let’s limit them this summer and concentrate on the wide range of other colors that the fashion Gods have showered us with. Everyone wants to stand out when it comes to personalities so why try to fit in when it comes to your style ladies? Moreover, colors have a great way of bringing out one’s persona and we have exactly what you need.
We understand it can be hard to just start wearing colors when you’re only used to 50 shades of black, so we’ll help you start with some minimalistic and subtle outfits.
This Diana Elegant Midi dress is absolutely perfect to start your journey as a color loving Diva! Beige is subtle and chic and you CANNOT go wrong with it. The crossover detailing emphasizes the chest and shoulders very very nicely. It can be easily paired with dynamic jewelry and a great pair of heels. What’s better? This dress and this color can be worn all year round, and you will still look elegant!
Have a calming energy? Spread it around with this blue-colored Renae Crossover Wrap Skirt! And you can still stay in your comfort zone by pairing it with either a black or a white top. This knee-length skirt will emphasize your legs and make you look taller! This is THE ideal color for skirt-weather and oh-so-relaxing to the eyes.
Time to be a little more dangerous ladies! What are your thoughts on mint? We know we love it! You are to surely stand out with this Trisha Ribbed Crop Top and Midi Skirt. The outfit not only shouts party with its color, it is also party in the back! Mint oozes fun, joy and freshness! Everyone will get a sense of your playful personality and know you’re not afraid to experiment and be fresh.
Why stick to one color when you can have this Raging Multiprint Blazer? Great to pair with neutral colors; this blazer just adds a littleje ne sais quoi if you will. To be honest, we loooove to look artsy with this abstract print. Some chunky jewelry and you will be ready to strut your stuff through Greenwich Village!
This post will not be complete without these Red Hot Mini Shorts! Red is EVERYTHING and red is EVERYWHERE this summer. Even Stefanie Scott gets it; as she rocks her red outfit at this year’s BMAs! Yes, we want you to be that daring diva that wears red to a party, and you know that all eyes are gonna be on you! These loose high waist shorts flare with ease and can rock any event. They can be best paired with a matching Red Hot Crop top. And yes, we have that too, only for YOU.

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