How to Alter a Swimsuit DIY: Take Your Swimwear from Blah to Ahhh

How many times have you tried on a swimsuit just to think, "wow this would be great if only ___", or "if this was just more ___ right here". Well with a little know-how and time you can take those fashion finds and make slight alterations to make them the perfect pieces that you're seeking. We used this amazing new BAE WATCH swimsuit from our swimsuit collection to create this DIY tutorial fo you, but you could apply similar techniques to any of our swimwear. Just check out the full section here - Swimwear.

 What You Need:

1. Swimsuit

2. Chalk or pencil

3. Sewing machine(serger if possible)

4. Pins

5. Scissors

6. Thread

7. Paper or newspaper


1. How to alter a swimsuit step 1: Put on your swimsuit and mark where you want the new adjustment to be. In my case I wanted a lower back so I put in a pin to mark how far down I wanted the back to be.



2. How to alter a swimsuit step 2: Turn your swimsuit inside out and on the wrong side of the fabric use a pencil or chalk to mark that spot. Remove the pin.


3. How to alter a swimsuit step 3: Fold your swimsuit so that the two back sections are right side together. Match up your seams to make sure that everything is aligned properly. This is the angle you need to make a new pattern slope.
4. How to alter a swimsuit step 4: Take a piece of paper or newspaper and put it underneath your swimsuit and trace the shape that you will be sewing. Not that in this photo I have pulled the paper away after tracing just so that you can see what I drew. You will want to trace directly next to your piece. I used pins to ensure that the fabric didn't move around while I was working with it, but you don't have to do that.
5. How to alter a swimsuit step 5:Unfold your swimsuit and lay it out again. You can see now that you have a pattern to recreate the correct shape of the back line. Lay the pattern piece on top of your swimsuit and using a pencil draw a new sewing line.
6. How to alter a swimsuit step 6: After you redraw your line, you can clearly see what shape you're actually aiming for.
7. How to alter a swimsuit step 7: Using a seam ripper start removing the stitches from the seam. Stop when the line you traced out meets with your original seam.
8. How to alter a swimsuit step 8: After removing the stitching and freeing your swimsuit elastic, clean up any loose threads so that you have a clean area to work with.
9. How to alter a swimsuit step 9: Using a measuring tape, measure how far the elastic stitching line is from the finished stitching line. In this case it's 1/2 an inch. This is important because you must first sew in the elastic and then fold the elastic in to finish the seam later.
10. How to alter a swimsuit step 10: Now that you know how far away to sew in the elastic you need to also draw that line. Using the measurement you took above(1/2 inch), use your measuring tape to draw a new line 1/2 inch away from the first line that you drew.
11. How to alter a swimsuit step 11: Go ahead and baste your new stitching line just to keep everything more manageable.
12. How to alter a swimsuit step 12: Pin your elastic to your closest stitching line(the one you just basted) and sew it in place. *If you have a serger use it now*. If you don't have a serger then just go ahead and stitch it in with a straight stitch.
13. How to alter a swimsuit step 13: I serged mine, as you can see in the photo. Trim any excess threads to have a clean line. Also if you used a regular sewing machine then go ahead and trim away the extra fabric past the seam. I did not show it here because my machine does the trimming as I sew.
14. How to alter a swimsuit step 14:Now fold your serged or stitched elastic over once on the inside so that it matches up with your stitching line and sew it down. You'll need to stretch the fabric as you go.
Thanks for DIY-ing with us. Check back for our next idea later!

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