Work-week-chic! Your outfit in 4 steps

Climbing the corporate ladder? Of course, you have to work hard but you also have look the part!

Here's a working gal's step-by-step guide for picking out the essential office friendly outfit.

Work-week-chic! Your outfit in 4 steps

Step 1. Blazers for any occasion

Let's start off with the ultimate essential to show you mean business. A plain black blazer speaks volumes for your outfit, and a slightly unfitted blazer such as this will bring an effortlessly chic and smart, put-together look. Plus, it can transition smoothly from work-hour to happy hour.

Style tip: Throw on over a classic button-down and trousers. Add a bit of character with a patent leather bag.

Sleek Master Long Blazer

Now, if you're more of a business-casual gal, don't you worry- this next piece is perfect for the office environment just as much as it is for out on the streets. The classic lapels help to keep your look work friendly while the long-line, relaxed fit balances out the outfit with a more casual vibe.

Style tip: Keep things classy with a midi dress and patterned stockings, then top it off with a pair of kitten heels.


Another staple item for any working gal is a blazer vest. This next item is everything your office wardrobe needs when the weather starts to warm up. What better way to make a firm impression and all the while staying stylish?

Structure is key when it comes to looking smart and with purpose. This vest provides a relaxed fit with comfort, but won't lose shape during your busy work day.

Style tip: Layer over a fitted blouse and tailored pants. Style the outfit with a pair of classic, pointed toe heels.

Earn It Duster Vest

Step 2. Pick a cute, fitted button-down

The most crucial part of picking out the perfect button-down is the fit as it is for pretty much everything else. When it comes to an office environment, nothing says "I belong here" more than a crisp, wrinkle-free button down blouse.

First things first, if you don't have a basic white button-down in your collection, you may want to re-evaluate your entire wardrobe. This first piece is the epitome of the classic, white button-down. It features all the basic aspects of a blouse with an incredible fit. It's also just a front-knot away from a flirty night-time look to grab a drink or two after work.

Style tip: Tuck into a pair of high-rise dress pants with a pair of ankle strap heels.

Blank Canvas Button Down

Next on the list are printed button-downs. Bringing prints and patterns into the office may not be so easy- especially if there's a strict dress code. The trick is to keep things dainty and minimal so you can dress appropriately without sacrificing your character and style.

Again, the fit of the blouse is key to looking sophisticated and well dressed. This button-down is loose, but not baggy, delicate but also powerful. There's a great balance between the two patterns where neither overpowers the other.

Style tip: Try styling this with a pencil skirt or a classic pair of black trousers. Elevate your look with some black (faux) leather stilettos.

Oceanside Printed Button Down

Step 3. Classic bottoms for a solid base

A pencil skirt is essential for any professional gal. While it's a great way to add some flare to your outfit, it's important to keep modest and mind the fit and length for the workplace.

An easy way to jazz up your office look is to play with different textures. This midi skirt is pretty basic with it's high waistline and bodycon fit, but, it's chic suede finish instantly adds a little something to your outfit. It also features a bold slit that hits mid-thigh to elongate your legs - super plus! 

Style tip: Pair with a classic button-down shirt and peep toe heels.

Suede Feeling Slit Midi Skirt

If the bold slit is not your thing, we've got another option for you. This next skirt is your classic high-waist midi skirt- something every girl should have in their wardrobe. Because it's bandage material, it will fit you like a glove and flatter all the right curves. 

The best thing about this skirt is that it doesn't have the usual bandage seams, so it's clean, timeless and will fit effortlessly into any office look. What's better than a versatile skirt you can wear to work and to a party?

Style tip: Balance out the tight fit of the skirt with a relaxed button-down and wedges.

Keep Up Bandage Skirt

Now we can't forget about our pants lovers! These trousers are perfect for any chic working gal that wants a bit of masculinity to their look. 

Sporting a high-waistline for versatility and some stylish zipper detailing, these pants have a comfortable tailored fit. It also features the classic front crease for a more formal vibe.

Style tip: Spice up your look with a fitted blouse with subtle prints and pointed heels.

Business Matter Zip Pants

Step 4. Pick the perfect accessory

An outfit is never complete without the perfect accessory- yes, we're talking shoes and bags! There is no better way to express your style and bring out that inner fashionista than with killer accessories.

The "business" look may get super boring depending on the dress code. So we bring you the ultimate statement heels appropriate for any office environment! You can't go wrong with a classic pointed toe and stiletto heel. And can we just take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous butterfly stitch patterns?

Style tip: Keep the rest of your look minimal with a clean white top and black slacks.


On the other hand, if you're more into the classic and comfortable style of heels, these next shoes will be just your thing.

The chunky, low block heels are perfect for all day wear and running around the office. Finished off with a slightly rounded toe, these shoes are timeless and definitely an essential!

Style tip: Add more character to your outfit by styling with a printed button down and tailored trousers.


Last but most certainly not least, you need a bag that pulls everything together- and when it comes to style and functionality, a roomy tote bag is always the answer. This reversible tote is a great way to make a statement in the office. It says trendy, but also professional. 

Style tip: Take advantage of the bag's versatility and play with different colors. Reverse the bag to balance out your outfit if you're rocking a bold top or bottom.

Reversible Tote
Reversible Tote | $26.99

With these solid office-wardrobe basics, there are endless amount of possibilities on what outfit you can rock to work. Here's your #MondayMotivation for office success and how to look the part. You go girl!

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